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■  We are committed to the theological distinctives
    of the historic Protestant Reformation.
■  We believe that salvation for sinners is by the
    grace of God and through faith alone in Jesus

■  We believe in the sufficiency of the Scripture; all
    of the Bible is the Word of God and should govern 
    all of life.  It is authoritative and without error.

■  God is a spirit.  He is three persons in one:  Father,
    Son and Holy Spirit.  He is absolutely holy, just and 
    sovereign in every detail of life.  
■  We believe that the true Church of Jesus Christ is
    composed only of believers who are empowered by
    the Holy Spirit and who evidence new life by
    obedient living as revealed in the Bible. 

■  We hold to the London Baptist Confession of Faith
    1689 as a helpful organization of Bible truth

    Link: London Baptist Confession

Grace Fellowship Church
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Hazle Township, PA 18202
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