The Leadership at Grace Fellowship Church is committed to encouraging and equipping all believers with the spiritual tools to do the broad work of ministry.  Our ministry begins with families doing ministry right in their own home, workplace and neighborhood.  Our families participate in a broad array of ministry:  prison inmate discipleship and nursing home ministry to name a couple.  On this foundation, Grace Fellowship Church commits to various regular ministries:

  • Sunday School & Wednesday Night Children’s Classes – an extension of the godly training of the home for all ages.
  • Junior High and Senior High Grace youth ministry – a context for spiritual discipleship and social growth with weekly study groups and social activities.
  • Bible Study for Ladies – a monthly meeting of applying the Word of God to the issues of life.
  • Missions and Outreach Activities – an active Missions Committee with an annual missions conference, regular prayer and monetary support of domestic ministries and missions abroad.
  • Mountain City Nursing Center and Butler Valley Manor – monthly worship services for the elderly.
  • Community Food Distribution – a monthly community outreach event
  • Pastoral Counseling – when additional involvement is needed for spiritual difficulties.

Shepherding The Heart Ministries

Ungodly forms of thinking have taken the Christian church captive to the deceptive teaching of behaviorism. Nowhere, perhaps, is that more clear than in childrearing. The Bible calls us to destroy all arguments and pretensions that are raised up against God. We are to replace them with obedience to Christ. Shepherding The Heart Ministries offers biblical teaching and resources that encourage God’s people to understand the heart as the “wellspring of life,” (Proverbs 4:23). The author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart, Dr. Tedd Tripp, is available to teach “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” parenting seminars.

Immanuel Christian School (ICS)

Grades K through High School
Although, not a direct ministry of Grace Fellowship Church many of our families are involved with ICS
40 W. Hemlock Street, Hazleton, PA 18201

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